Meet The Band!

Here's a look at the folks that make up Rowland's Ramblin' Family Band. They are all pretty nice, and none of them bite...much.

Konrad Meissner- Konrad has been banging on the drums since he was a wee little lad. He is lucky to get to play wonderful music with his friends here and abroad.
Chris Mills- Chris has been playing guitar and singing songs for a long time now. He also teaches music classes for families all over New York City. Chris likes cartoons, popcorn, and songs about pirate ships.
David Nagler- David Nagler plays piano (the first instrument he ever learned) and sings in Rowland's Ramblin' Family Band. He was born in Wayne, New Jersey. He likes ginger ale, movies and looking sharp.
Tea-Tea plays the accordian and sings!
Drew Glackin-Drew plays the bass.