Here's a really great review the folks at uber-hip parent site Offsprung wrote about the songs on our myspace page (they're on our EP,too)!

A Mighty Lemon Drop Plus Other Songs

Stefan | August 22, 2007

I’ve written before about the slight conflict I feel when hearing new stuff — keep it secret until it’s ready to be unleashed upon the world or let everybody know, right away? I almost always err on the side of sharing (it’s in my mission, duh) and so that’s what I’m doing here.

Go forth right now and listen to the 4 songs posted on the Myspace page of Brooklyn’s Rowland’s Ramblin’ Family Band. It’s a very rootsy/folk blend of original and traditional songs, some written for kids, others merely kid-friendly. The songs come from a home-recorded EP that guitarist Chris Mills admits sounds a little rough around the edges, but the songwriting and solid musicianship come through. (A couple band members are also in Bloodshot Records’ The Silos.)

The song you’re mostly likely to hear when you get to the page is the raggedy and sprightly “The Lemon Drop,” but make sure you also listen to the lullaby “Little Dreamer.” It’s the last track that gave me the most Band-like vibe. Which makes it not-too-surprising to hear that they’re playing this Saturday’s Kid’s Ramble with Levon Helm. Heady company for a band who only just posted songs to their Myspace page yesterday.

Fans of Dan Zanes, Dog on Fleas, the Hollow Trees, and Session Americana should especially check them out…